BB Nails – Nail Lacquer Base

BB Nails is a smoothing base coat, ideal for nails with grooves, dents, streaks and discolouration.

Its formula is created to ensure complete wellbeing, rich in active ingredients to deeply restore, smooth and strengthen your nails: vitamin A, vitamin E and Chios mastic work to fill in the nails, instantly evening out and camouflaging imperfections on the nail surface.

The perfect base for the perfect manicure: thanks to its glossy pink finish and incredible filler effect, BB Nails can be used on its own or before nail polish.


11 ml






  • Vitamin A: promotes growth and strengthens the nails, maintaining their healthy structure thanks to its antioxidant properties
  • Vitamin E: acts as a moisturising balm on the nails, protecting them from viruses and bacteria and counteracting yellowing 
  • Keratin: strengthens and protects the nails, repairing damaged, flaking and weakened areas for visibly healthier hands
  • Chios mastic: its antifungal action evens out and minimises nail imperfections




  • Evens out and minimises nail imperfections
  • Counteracts yellowing
  • Fills in dents and grooves